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Photo of Cherri Cherri Porter was born and raised in Iowa, and though she's lived in California since 1998, still considers Iowa the homeland.

She has been teaching as long as she can remember, and is sure some of the old neighborhood kids remember the worksheets--the ones she scavenged the day after school got out by visiting teachers cleaning out their classrooms and raiding the trash bins. (Seriously!) Unlike many of her students, Cherri has had many, many excellent teachers she considers mentors, and has always felt at home in school.

She currently teaches writing at American River College and Woodland Community College, though she has pretty much taught at every school in the area at some point. She studied writing and rhetoric at Sacramento State University and creative writing at Iowa State University.

Her main hobbies are reading, reading, and reading some more, unless you count complaining about how much better she could manage things than the people in charge--she does that a lot.

Her politics is simple.


Cherri is all over the internets. You can find her mostly on instagram. Or, you can ignore her, which is what most people do. 

Subscribe to Cherri's newsletter, which goes out once a month and has nothing whatsoever to do with this class. It's fun. You can see past issues here.

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