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MLA Formatted Documents

When you click this already formatted rtf MLA template, open this up in whatever program you use and replace Cherri's words with your own. You must open your program first, then select open file, and then find this file on your computer to get it to work properly. Save as whatever your assignment is so you can reuse the original next time. This MLA template for google docs is already formatted correctly as well. Login to your google account, open this link, in the file menu select "Make a Copy" and then save it to whatever folder you want in your own google drive. You can make a copy as many times as you want and reuse for every assignment.

MLA Formatting Checklist
  • Margins: set to 1 inch around the whole page
  • Fonts and size: Times New Roman 12 pt (only this, no exceptions)
  • Line and Paragraph Spacing: Line spacing = double; paragraph spacing = zero
  • Header/page numbers: Top, right, plain style.  You must "insert" the page number
  • Alignment: document left, header right, titles center
  • No bolds. No underlines. 
  • Word Count Location (Some teachers don't require it, some like it at the end, and I like it on the first page at the top below the date--so when in doubt, ask.)
For info on MLA Citation, go to the MLA 8 Self-Paced Tutorial.

Tutorials and Trouble Shooting
  • Need a way to store your files? Try dropbox. It's easy (and free) and you can access your documents anywhere there is internet.
  • Word Count Tool--website that will count the words for you.  Word, Google, and Open Office all have word counters in them, but sometimes mobile  device apps do not.
  • OpenOffice--an alternative to spending money on MSWord. There is also Google Drive.
  • Office 365 Free for Students:  go to here and click the "find out if you're eligible" button to get started.
  • Emailing your professors
  • How to make pdfs, screen grabs, etc.
  • Please note, if you are submitting your assignments electronically, you'll need to be able to change the file type/extension and make files into PDFS or DOCX to be read correctly by teachers and LMS's.
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