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Grading and Feedback

Keep in mind, your grade and my comments are not the same thing. I might take issues with your argument or point of view, or challenge some aspect of your thinking, but that doesn't mean your grade was affected by those comments. Pay attention to the kinds of comments you see on your essays. Some are there to make you think and some are there to address your response to the assignment and the structure and form of your writing. The latter are the ones that most affect your letter grade. 

Descriptions of Grades

An "A" assignment is: outstanding, exceptional, rich in content and unique in style; nuanced, interesting, lively, sophisticated, and superior to its peers.

A "B" assignment is: very good, strong; better than competent but may lack depth, uniqueness, liveliness or thoroughness present in an “A” response.

A "C" assignment: is satisfactory, acceptable, competent and meets many expectations.