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Woodland Community College

The Woodland Community College Student Code of Conduct is in the schedule book

Student News Letter

Student Counseling Center, 700 bldg

They provide academic counseling as well as acute personal/life counseling. (530) 661-5703

Academic Reading Center, 870

The Academic Reading Center (ARC) can help you with reading assignments and study / test preparation strategies to help you succeed in all of your classes. The Center provides free drop-in tutoring in Room 870, 2nd floor of the 800 Building (down the hall from WAM, the Writing & Math Center).

Find them:  on the Portal or on  Facebook

Writing and Math Center, 850

The WAM services include draft reviews, ideas and approaches to an assignment, and computer assistance. All services are free of charge. Along with a draft copy of the paper, please bring in a copy of the assignment. An appointment is not necessary though students should allow some wait time. Staff will not proofread student essays but will assist students with fixing mistakes. Please remember that coming to the Writing Center will not guarantee students a good grade, but it will help assist in the process of becoming a better writer. The Writing Center is a quiet, comfortable place to study, so we encourage students to use the space for just that, even if assistance in writing is not needed.

Tutoring Center, 809

The Tutoring Center offers peer help with understanding course materials and concepts.

DSPS, 769

Contact the Disabled Students Programs and Services for more information.
American River College

The Student Rights and Responsibilities document for American River College

New Prerequisites Policy

Student Counseling Center, They provide academic counseling as well as acute personal/life counseling. (916) 484-8572

Student Veterans Center, Portable 602

Student Tech Help Center

Student Health Center

Reading Across the Disciplines, LRC

R.A.D. is a 9 week lecture class that starts during the 3rd week of the semester.  Students attend the class once a week for the 9 weeks.  Students must come to the R.A.D. Center to establish the day and time they will attend R.A.D.; this is a set time and does not vary from one week to the next.

Find them in the Learning Resource Center.

Writing Across the Curriculum, LRC

Writing Across the Curriculum -- ENGWR 96 and ENGWR 306 -- helps students from all academic disciplines with any academic writing task. Students enroll in .5 unit of either class. Both classes are graded Pass/No Pass.

After a required orientation session, students will be able to attend:

individualized or small-group instructional conferences with English faculty or instructional assistants

workshops on a variety of grammar and composition topics, such as how to use MLA documentation, how to write great introductions, and how to develop a great thesis statement

a drop-in center

WAC serves all students, including those who have little or no experience with college writing, as well as students who are already skilled writers. These courses are not a substitute for any other English course.

Find them in the Learning Resource Center.

Tutoring Center, LRC

The Tutoring Center offers peer help with understanding course materials and concepts.

DSPS, North Side of Student Services Building

The goal of Disabled Students Programs and Services is to promote equal access to programs and facilities at American River College, thereby ensuring that students with disabilities experience the opportunity to participate fully in campus activities. The philosophy of DSPS is to encourage maximum independence and personal empowerment through a successful educational experience.